Hi pleased to meet you!
I am steph dianecontent creator!

I am a digital content strategist and storyteller with 10 years experience. Hope you like my new webpage!

Currently, I'm based in Los Angeles as the Head of Digital Content here:

Here are some things I've been doing lately:

  • Telling rich and immersive digital stories -->    click here
  • Building online campaigns that resonate -->    click here
  • Producing beautiful and compelling content -->    click here
  • Published by Twitter, HuffPost, and Committee to Protect Journalists
  • Shot and edited videos like this and this
  • Edited and wrote things like this and this
  • Expert in website design + building
  • I shoot photos too!
  • Previously

    I helped lead digital communications for 5 years in Sudan and Turkey here:

    Before that I was as a journalist in Texas, a consultant for the Dallas Mavericks, an editorial intern at 30 Rock...

    ...and a television news anchor! (right)

    #inspiration #digital #sizzle

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